I'm Tonny Jiménez (two n's, same pronunciation). I'm a Senior Motion Graphics Designer experienced in Visual Design, UI, and Motion Graphics.
During my career I've worked in different mediums including Web, TV, Advertising and Video Games. My TV peeps say my portfolio is too video gamey. My Video game bros say my portfolio is too MoGraph heavy. What can I say, I love wearing multiple hats and approaching problems from different angles.
I’m detail-oriented: I can explain the difference between a robot, an android and a cyborg. I love drawing, writing, riding my bike, learning new languages and long walks on the beach talking to Poseidon.
Netflix, HiRez Studios, Powerhouse Animation Studios, Rooster Teeth, Bandai-Namco, NetherRealm Studios, Riot Games, Capcom, Fox Sports, Ubisoft, Sony San Diego, Volition, Frostburn Studios.
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